Quality records
bought & sold.

Fair prices
in & out.

Yes, really.


I've been buying and selling vinyl records in Toronto since 2005, first as the manager at Vortex Records, and then as proprietor of Good Music. In those 13 years I've prided myself on having a sterling reputation for how I treat my customers and clients. 

In November of 2016, I sold the entirety of my inventory to one of my competitors and spent the next two years traveling. I am now back in Toronto and operating solely online with the occasional pop-up shop or record convention.

Here are some of my policies:

I do not low-ball record sellers. My first offer is a fair offer and my only offer. I do not haggle. No hard feelings if you don't want to sell. If you pass on my offer for a record and one of my competitors offers you more, I'd love to hear about it. Shoot me an email. So far, it hasn't happened. If you've got records to sell, you can read about my process here.

I do not prey on a seller's ignorance of the current market. You have a record worth $50 and don't know it? I'll tell you when I offer you $25 for it. You found a $400 record for two bucks at a garage sale? Good for you, here's $200 for it. Your lack of knowledge regarding the records you're selling does not affect the price I'll offer. 

I do not purchase from my competition. I do not buy my inventory from retail businesses of any kind: not record stores, not Valu-Village, not record conventions. All of the records offered on this site were bought from the public.

I will not intentionally sell to someone I know is planning to flip a record for a profit. I'm interested in providing music lovers with records for their personal collection.   

I guarantee everything I sell. 

Want to know more? The policies above were worked out in the shops I ran as well as the almost 35 years I've spent in retail in total. (I managed my first video store when I was 14.)