November, 2016 / 1669 Dundas Street West

At the end of October, we'll be leaving our current home at 1611 Dundas Street West and moving to a new space more than twice as big at 1669 Dundas Street West, which is one half-block west on the same side of the street. Those of you familiar with the neighborhood, we'll be two doors west of The Wallflower.

Opening day for the new shop has not been decided yet, though it will be in November. I'll of course update this page once I know, but to get date details in your in-box when I've confirmed them, sign up to the Good Music mailing list.

You've probably got some questions...

Why are you moving?
1611 was always supposed to be a temporary, pop-up space, as it was not big enough to hold my entire inventory of records. I thought it would take me three months to find a more suitable spot but life got in the way and instead it took me a year. 

Besides the size, how will the new store be different?
I'm still considering options, but we may sell used or new turntables or other gear (I'm looking into custom-made, fully waterproof record bags). We may sell a small selection of music-related books or magazines. We will have more sections within each genre. We will have at least two listening stations. We will have central air. We will not be "getting more into new records". 

We're of course open to suggestions on what you would like to see.

How will the increase in rent affect record prices?
I'm hoping it doesn't.

Will you still be using cardboard boxes?

I know a number of you don't like them, but they are simply too convenient. They make it very easy to expand and contract sections as I buy/sell used collections. I already spend enough hours each week lifting records. I prefer to slide boxes on tables -- it is considerably more efficient than transferring records from bin to bin, which is how it's done in other stores. 

In addition, empty bins look terrible whereas empty tables can be used to merchandise box sets, turntables, etc.

I do believe that most people who dislike the boxes dislike them because they're always so packed, making it difficult to flip through the records. However, this is due to lack of space, not style of container. The larger store should eliminate this problem.

That said, the new boxes will be less deep, meaning more customers will be able to reach the back without stretching.

Will your hours be the same?
Starting in 2017, we may be open Mondays, but I doubt we'll expand the hours we're open each day. Yes, there's more money to be made by waiting around for the bar crowd, but those are hours I could spend with my dog, Shakedown, so that's a no-brainer.

Will you have any job openings?
No. I have a long list of friends who'd love to work in the store but I don't presently have hours for them. If I do end up hiring staff, those folks would get precedent. Sorry.

Will you be having a sale before you move?

What if I have records to sell between the time you close 1611 and the time you open 1669?
It's best if you wait, but if you're in need of cash or space, email me. I may be able to accommodate you. You could also go to one of my competitors, but I think we both know Good Music will pay you the most for your used records.