Do you have quality vinyl you'd like to sell? We are happy to make you an offer on the titles that interest us. Looking to sell everything at once? We can help you with that, too.

Our motto is Quality records bought and sold. Fair prices in and out. That means we're not trying to screw you. We pay half of what we intend to sell a record for. Period. If we're gonna sell it for $10, we'll pay you $5. If we think we can sell your record for $50, that's $25 in your wallet. It's that simple.

Sure, some of the competitors say the same thing--though most will only offer you a third. What makes us different? We don't expect you to be the expert. Maybe you don't know you've got a $30 record. We'll tell you -- when we offer you $15. That's the reason our buyer has a reputation for being a straight-shooter. Good Music's owner has bought and sold vinyl in Toronto for more than a decade. This is what we do. We're experienced. 


Please keep in mind the first part of our slogan: "Quality records bought...".

Because we guarantee everything that we sell, we are not interested in unplayable records. We do not sell -- and therefore do not buy -- records with audible scratches on them. If you can feel a scratch with your finger, the turntable will hear that scratch and therefore the record is not of interest to us. 

We also do not buy records that are missing the outer sleeve (the cover art) or records with cover art that is water damaged. 


The easiest way to sell us your records is to bring them to us. We're closed Mondays, and we do not buy records at the shop on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but we buy every other day of the week between noon and seven thirty pm (four thirty on Sundays). Mondays through Wednesdays we make house calls or buy at the store by appointment.

Remember, we do not buy scratched records, classical music (Beethoven, Bach, etc.), or 78s. Do not bring those types of records in -- it will be a waste of your time.

What if I'm unable to bring them to you?

If you have too many records to transport or are unable to bring them for other reasons, please get in touch and we'll consider a house visit.

Before we visit you, it is best if you send us some basic information. Most importantly, which records do you have to sell and what condition are they in? Please be specific -- vague terms like "All kinds of music" or "Everything" are not helpful in determining if a trip is beneficial to you or us.

For instance, "I have 3 crates of records, mostly fifties and sixties blues and jazz (Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Monk). I'm near High Park." is helpful, as is, "3 feet of rock records from the seventies. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Beatles, and other popular bands of the era. I'm near Yonge and Eglinton." 

But... "A pile of vinyl records from when I was in high school! I'm not sure what they are as I haven't looked at them in years. Please come!" is not so helpful.

The best way to arrange a house visit is to email us. If you don't have a complete list of titles on offer, please list a dozen or so artists from the various genres. Photos of the covers and records themselves, attached to your email, are helpful if you're unsure about condition. You also need to tell us approximately where you're located. City and nearest intersection is enough for the initial email.

Thank you.